Serve Details, Command Attention

Amplify your photo or video by pinpointing and zooming into things in it.

Story-tell with aplomb

Planning your next campaign? Try GIFAmp. Select your best photograph, give a few inputs to the app, and let our cloud based tech make a video that will command attention wherever it plays! 

Highlight features in your product, spotlight that smiling face, or zoom into a portion of a painting - it is all possible in seconds - along with text and audio.

Users receive pinpointed visual zoom with captions as the story unfolds. With an even greater excitement on mobile screens.

Free on the web - for a Single Scene

Make your first GIFAmp in a few minutes. We even have a few samples for you to get started.

Desktop App - for Multiple Scenes

The scenes can be strung together for a longer story using the desktop app. Available on Mac and Windows 


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